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What To Look For In An Architecture Consultant Before Hiring

Architecture consultants have the extensive industry experience to deal with different types of projects. They understand the key elements of the interior. If you want to hire an architectural consultant in Abu Dhabi, there are a few things to consider. The firm’s experience and portfolio photos are two things to look for. Another important factor to look for is the hourly rate. Many architects charge by square foot, so it is important to find out how much they are charging you.

Look for reputation:

There are two main ways of selecting an architecture consultant. The first is direct selection, which is usually used by individuals with smaller projects. Using this process, clients select architects based on their reputation, personal acquaintance, or recommendation from another architect.

It is important to determine your budget:

When selecting an architect, it is important to determine your budget, style, and experience. An architect who is not familiar with the type of work you need will probably be less than ideal. The best way to determine whether an architect is a good fit for your project is to meet with several architects. This way, you can see what their work is like, review their fee structure and decide if you want to hire them for your project.

Portfolio photos:

Architecture firms are on the lookout for versatile employees. Portfolio photos can show potential employers the range of skills you possess. If you have trouble deciding what to include in your portfolio, try categorizing your work by category. For example, if you work mainly on design and development, you can choose to include images of your work in different categories.


It’s important to consider the experience of an architecture consultant before hiring him or her. Experience in architecture and engineering firms is a must, as is a bachelor’s or Master’s degree. Also, he or she should be familiar with AutoCAD and Revit.


The fees of an architecture consultant vary depending on the nature of the project. Fees can be a lump sum or hourly. The former is more convenient for the client but less desirable for the architect. This is because the construction process is very complicated, and the client can request changes. Architects usually estimate on the high side when working on a fixed-fee contract to compensate for revisions. They may also include a clause in the contract that allows them to change their fees if the client makes changes.

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