Mon. Sep 25th, 2023
Tips To Get Your Child Ready For Psychotherapy

A child’s psychotherapy will help him to explore his feelings and thoughts. The child will also learn how to express himself in different ways. He will also learn to be more confident in himself and explore alternative ways of dealing with problems. The child psychologist in Dubai will join in the child’s playtime so he can feel relaxed and express himself. Here are some tips to get your child ready for therapy. 

Honesty is the best policy

As a parent, you must trust the process and the people involved. When your child has fears about undergoing psychotherapy, do your best to alleviate them, and be sure to listen to their thoughts and concerns. It is best to avoid criticizing or arguing with your child during therapy sessions, as this can hinder the process.

Describe the behavior they are trying to address

The first step in getting your child ready for psychotherapy is describing the behaviors they are trying to address. This can help them understand why the therapy is important. You can tell them that the process is positive and that the experience will help them. Often, the most resistant child will agree to continue therapy after their first session.

Help your child understand the purpose of therapy

Psychotherapy can help children learn to manage their feelings. It can help them deal with intense feelings and trauma. Therapists will teach them techniques to help them calm down, so they can use other coping skills when the emotional intensity is too much. This type of therapy aims to help children build self-esteem and self-reliance. To achieve this goal, therapists must build trust between the child and the therapist. Your child should feel comfortable sharing their feelings and thoughts with the therapist.

Try to emphasize that therapists adhere to ethical standards

When discussing therapy with your child, try to emphasize that therapists adhere to ethical standards. Even though it may be difficult to explain the process to a young child, explaining that therapy is a safe place for children will help them realize they are not alone in the experience. Using games and toys in therapy sessions can also help kids understand what to expect from the experience.

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